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Practice Values Remain High - But For How Long?

Join us as Kevin unpacks trends in DSO economy and its impact on practice valuation.


November 17th, 7 & 9 pm ET

You'll Learn More About

  • How Recent DSO Recapping Impacts Practice Owners.

    • 2 Giant DSOs Recapped & Have a Huge War Chest of Cash to Buy Practices. 
  • Expected Recap of 3 DSOs Means Overpaying For Deals Today. 

  • Recent TUSK Closed Deal with a HUGE Newly Capitalized National DSO That Must Buy to Grow.

  • Not Enough Practice & Group Supply in Q1 to Meet Buyer Demand, Driving Prices Up Temporarily in First Half of 2023.

  • Not All DSOs are in Good Shape.

  • Debt Keeps Getting More Expensive and Will Impact the DSO Market .

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